Sunday, October 18, 2009

So I guess some photographs might clear things up.....

So I went to india few days back. Massive country with massive amount of whatever you might think of (eg. crowd,slum,snowy mountain,railway etc). Although the people didn quite seem happy to me like the people I live with in Bangladesh. Still any day you travel there it sure will give you lots of perspectives on life .
I always love to take pictures of ordinary peoples just before they notice me and in india you'll find them in abundance. Some are curious, some are happy,some are too tired to notice and some as Irritating as indians are. So here's some eye treats for you to gaze upon....

The kid in the picture was actually calling his sister and I was lucky enough to click that emotion. I felt good you'll too ;) The place where I found this jumping kid was in the ancient temple of Elora. That place really blew me away. Being a student of architecture It really puts me into shame when I see our ancestors knew about the scale of space so much better than the macho architects of these days. I know less is more but those complex structures standing for hundreds of years isn't bad either or is it?

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