Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another walk in the park.....

But this time it's in Singapore.
Though I'm wayy offf in updating my blog
(kinda lazy you know). Last April I went
to visit Singapore because of some
medical reasons. Nice country, actually
I would say really really nice country.Theres one
problem though, there are way too many laws over
there which becomes a burden for people like me.
The city runs pretty smoothly with the MRT,
everyone seemed running continuously. Actually sometimes
I was left searching for people who were doing nothing
but unfortunately there was none. Nightlife is
different though but still majority were tourists.
Theres this funny place mustafa centre where you'd find
all this people from south east asia.
Made me feel right at home, may be because of the lack of Laws!

One thing though i wasn't completely satisfied
by the night safari(kinda boring).
Still it was a nice country to visit after a long break.
Next stop I'm guessing right now....

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