Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ghosts in Egypt.....

Well if anyone's into anime stuffs remember "Ghost in the shell"? In the not so distant future everyone just love the machines. People are all interconnected to world wide networks that permeates every aspect of life. Well at least it seems like that. Now what does that have to do with EGYPT and its recent Revolution for Democracy?
Hmmm! Atleast to me theres a significant connection, regarding the philosophy of "Ghost in the shell" that is Stand Alone Complex.
According to wiki the concept of stand alone complex can be quoted as
While originally intended to "underscore the dilemmas and concerns that people would face if they relied too heavily on the new communications infrastructure,"[1] Stand Alone Complex eventually came to represent a phenomenon where unrelated, yet very similar actions of individuals create a seemingly concerted effort.

There was the Laughing man created by a hacker named AOI. After he discovered that the governent is trying to hide some corruptions regarding a vaccine he revolted against the system. Eventually some fractured and interconnected incidents causes a public scandal, leading to the downfall of the Japanese Prime Minister.
Now let me quote some lines from Stand Alone Complex in WIKI again
What separates the Stand Alone Complex from normal copycat behavior is that there is no real originator of the copied action, but merely a rumor or an illusion that supposedly performed the copied action. There may be real people who are labeled as the originator, but in reality, no one started the original behavior. And in Stand Alone Complex, the facade just has to exist in the minds of the public. In other words, a potential copycat just has to believe the copied behavior happened from an originator-when it really did not. The result is an epidemic of copied behavior having a net effect of purpose. One could say that the Stand Alone Complex is mass hysteria over nothing-yet causing an overall change in social structure.

The revolution in Egypt had its influences all over the world. There were members in twitter such as ,@ghonim @bloggerseif and @sandmokey.

Most of the people don't know their faces but still the world is following their tweets. A new kind of social network revolution is taking place. We might be living in the future right now.
Maybe after 50 yrs the world will be dominated by interconnected social networks. We would be living without borders connected to the world wide web. Physical weapons development will become obsolete
End of the day I just hope they Kick out Mubarak :P

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