Thursday, January 28, 2010


Went to doc just to hear that I'll be taking in those awesome steroids for another 2 weeks. So you might ask how does that feel? Feel what? I really don't think I feel anything anymore. Have been buzzing my head off in this room for the last one month and I still can't get out of this quarantined state. Did some writings though.
While on the way towards the hospital I had to encounter this kid 6 or 5 years maybe, who suddenly started cleaning my car with his dirty napkin, obviously for money but at least it's better than begging. Which reminds me of this kid

He was selling toys in front of the institute of fine arts. He wasn't interested in those toys, rather he seemed worried about his sells. Maybe he had to take care of his family? If he couldn't sell enough of his toys they'd go without food for that day. Who knows? So many stories in this city of dhaka. While I'm stuck in my room fighting Leocytoclastic vasculitis!

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