Sunday, January 24, 2010

Leocytoclastic Vasculitis!

    Phew! Again after a long loooonng break I'm finally infront of my blog again.Now as you can see the title says something gibberish but that's what I've being diagnosed with recently. For the last one month I'm been fighting against this severe allergic reaction which eventually went so bad that I had to get myself hospitalized.  I thought I was gonna get quarantined! Still I'm not back into shape though, those steroids are really making me go psychedelic.  

   Everything has their yin and yang, therefore while I was in my bed I finally gave a thought about one of my unfinished projects, writing a graphic novel. Maybe it'll see the light within this year being an avid anime fanatic so this isn't accidental.  

          Life is drifting so fast that sometimes we really don't understand how fast it's going away. The best ways to perceive it is to get out of your track and actually watch it from another space.  Take a break may be? Being sick in my bed made me realise 'bout the decisions, that I made 10 years ago. Let's see if they materialize someday. Trading them for a job would be live selling myself at eBay and that's not happening for sure.  If following your dream means suffering then throw it on dude!
About the pictures, the first one was taken during Pohela baishak(bengali new year), rest of two are from my study tour in asia

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